What dose of Revolution do I use on my cat?

The correct dose of Revolution is determined by your cat’s body weight. Revolution is available in three options: up to 5lb (2.3 kg), 5.1-15 lbs (2.4-6.8 kg) and 15.1-22 (6.9-10 kg). An entire tube should be used for each dose. Cats over 22lbs (10 kg) should be given the appropriate combination of tubes.

How do I administer Revolution to my cat?

Holding the tube in an upright position, press down on the cap until you hear a ‘click’. Take off the cap and check that the tube has been opened. Part your cat’s hair at the base of the neck, just in front of the shoulder blades, ensuring you can see the skin. Apply the tip of the tube directly to the exposed skin and squeeze 3-4 times in this spot until it has been emptied. Avoid getting Revolution on your fingers as you do this. While keeping the tube squeezed, draw the tube back along the skin to empty any remaining product and lift up to remove.

My cat is an indoor cat – does it still need protection?

Yes. Even if your cat spends all its time indoors, it is still at risk from parasites. No home can be made completely secure, and fleas, lice and other nasties can enter through windows, doors, cracks in walls, on other pets or even in food.

Is Revolution safe for use on kittens?

Yes. Revolution has been tested as safe on kittens from 8 weeks of age. Do not administer to animals younger than this.

Can I use Revolution on pregnant cats?

Yes. Revolution has been evaluated as safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating females. Revolution is also safe for use with breeding males.

Can I administer more than one dose per month?

No. Revolution for cats is formulated to provide month-long protection against parasites. To ensure continuous protection, make sure you administer the product on the same day each month. It is not recommended that you administer Revolution more than once per month.

My cat weighs more than 22 lbs (10 kg) – what dose do they require?

For cats over 22 lbs (10 kg), you will need to apply the appropriate combination of tubes based on their body weight. For example, a cat weighing 25 lbs would need one tube for 15.1-22 lb cats, plus one tube for cats up to 5 lbs.

Can I give my pet a bath after applying Revolution?

For effective protection against fleas, wait at least two hours after application before bathing or shampooing your cat. For effective protection against heartworm, wait at least 24 hours after application. After these times, you may bathe or shampoo your cat as normal.

When can I play with my pet following treatment with Revolution?

Yes. Once the area of application has dried completely, you may touch your cat as normal. Avoid playing with your cat while the product is still wet.

I still see fleas on my cat. Is Revolution working?

Revolution will kill any existing adult fleas on your cat, as well as preventing flea eggs from hatching. However with flea infestations, flea eggs and immature fleas are usually present in the environment, which can then transfer to your cat. It may take between 2 and 3 monthly applications to break the flea life cycle completely.

Is heartworm common in cats?

Although heartworm is usually associated with dogs, cats are still at risk from this deadly disease, and all it requires is a single mosquito bite. The medication used to treat heartworm in dogs cannot be used on cats, so prevention is the best method of protecting your cat.

What should I do if I do not give Revolution on time or miss a dose?

If you are late with the monthly dose of Revolution, administer a dose immediately, then contact your veterinarian. Do not give your cat two doses at once.

What are the possible side effects of Revolution?

The most common side effects are stiff or clumped hair, skin irritation or hair loss around the site of application. Less common adverse reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, rapid breathing, drooling, muscle tremors and lethargy.

Can I use Revolution if my cat is taking other medications?

Clinical studies have shown no interactions between Revolution and any other medication. However, Revolution should not be used in combination with any other topical flea or tick product.

What if I administer more than the prescribed amount of Revolution to my cat?

If you suspect your cat has had an overdose, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

How should I store Revolution?

Revolution should be stored in the packet until needed, at a temperature below 86°F (30°C)

Who manufactures Revolution?

Revolution is manufactured by Zoetis, a former subsidiary of Pfizer.